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Return to Strangeland

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Return to Strangeland

Return to Strangeland

This painting taught me a lot about working in different lighting environments and over working a painting. Mostly painted outside, but almost entirely on the road, at work, on the ferry, Coffee shops, everything but home. The idea was to maximize my time while I couldn’t be at my little art room, so I turned it into a challenge to see how much I really needed to be in an art studio. By painting in public places I was able to generate conversations, similar to my experience with the Artist on Residence program the Four Seasons Hotel that I had a few years ago. It gives people the opportunity to see the process, and find out where I’m coming from as an Artist, and express what interests them.


The message that I wanted to convey with this painting was a story of aftermath after a great passage of time.
A broken planet that’s showing promise again would be a little bit like the residence of Chernobyl returning to their old neighbourhoods.

In the painting a woman has been airdropped from an interstellar ship that continues to navigate.  A respirator hose is on the ground at the woman’s feet, while the tree behind her is positioned like wings. While using these two symbolic elements to point to our symbiotic relationship to photosynthetic life, human hibernation capsules loom behind her like ghosts from the past, indicating that getting back to the point where you can breathe the air again didn’t happen over night.

The mythic theme goes beyond an environmental message, however.
It’s a story of destruction and loss, and a story of hope.

A theme that could apply to a woman whose world was shattered from a broken marriage, and after years of healing is finding her heart again.
Putting on the flight suit is a protection device, an identity that serves to help her forget about the feminine soul, an inner landscape that had more hurt than she was able to look at. In the Return to Strangeland, the suit opens up again revealing the feminine. Love gets another chance, when she is able to love herself.

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