Out in the forest

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The clouds in the east huddled around the mountains that overlook our neighbourhood.  With a little blue in the sky, I decided to chance hiking up Elk mountain in the hopes that I would get some clarity.  Now that I’m back on my site and doing updates, some old messages reappeared from three years ago. The protests of a man who was once a close friend, but who I since wanted nothing to do with. The old messages angered me.

All this was supposed to be behind me, but the fury started coming back. I’ve been reading about Emotional Intelligence, something that people who sit on the Empath end of the spectrum, like myself could use more of.  Empaths absorb the feelings of others, so if something is wrong in someone else, they will have no peace until it gets fixed.   Sometimes they have to withdraw, because the accumulation of emotions gets to be too much, or they start to run out of psychological space.  If they enter into a relationship with an emotional manipulator or a covert Narcissist, they can be especially susceptible. Thats where emotional intelligence comes in.   Learning how to protect your emotions, so you can function in healthy relationships with other people.

Getting near the top of Elk’s ledge, the flag for Paragliders blew upward, but no Paraglider would take advantage of a thermal draft when the clouds were this dense.  I wanted to wait to see if the clouds would dissipate.  I was soaked in sweat, and under dressed, so the cold was getting to be a factor. The view had lots to offer if the conditions were right, but not so at this point.  A friendship can be the same way.  You can be close to someone and then later have a change of heart, not because of what was hidden but because things were hidden. As you make discoveries you start to question everything you thought you knew about them.  In those clouds you keep your distance, but on a clear day you could navigate you way around gnarly terrain with fascination.

As I made my way back down the mountain, greasy hair sticking to my face, the clouds started to break.  The sun beat down through the trees.  Whenever this happens I remind myself to smell. The fragrances are beautiful in the forest.

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