Mighty Hector

The horse in this painting represents the combination of two traits. Strength and gentleness.

to be ..

- Oils / Acrylics


Drawn at the yaletown Starbucks

Mephistopheles is in German Folklore the chief of Demons who suffers ..

- Starbucks Napkins

Return to Strangeland

A painting I did almost entirely on the road ..

- Oils / Acrylics

Blurry bits concept art

I week after I was leaving illustrated napkins on tables, I started illustrating concept art, but ..

- Starbucks Napkins


This was one of the Napkins I kept ..

- Starbucks Napkins

You are not alone

If you found this Napkin, tell me a little about yourself.  The Napkin is yours.  Thank ..

- Starbucks Napkins

If you found this Napkin, I would love to hear from you. Tell me a little ..

- Starbucks Napkins

Summer Descent

A painting based on some of the shots I got in the summer in Northern BC ..

- Oils / Acrylics

Murder at Eventide

I have watched this scenario a few times where a murder of crows try to dominate ..

- Main Portfolio

Removing the thorn

Removing the Thorn came to me in a dream over 5 years ago.  In the dream ..

- Oils / Acrylics

The dragon hunter

Many men have tried to slay the dragon, but end up feeding the dragon. The beast ..

- Drawings

Lady Wivrin

$1980 Acrylic and Oil on canvas  16" x 20 ..

- Oils / Acrylics

Still Standing

"Still Standing" 36 x 60 inches. Oil on canvas. My inspiration for this painting was originally ..

- Oils / Acrylics

Light of Dire Wood

oil on canvas  30 x 40

Symbolizes attitudes of denial, how actions have consequences, regardless of ..

- Main Portfolio

the Conduit

Oil on Panel  36" X 48"
The Conduit Oil on Panel. 36 x 48. Symbolizes a ..

- Oils / Acrylics